About Us
The Department of Management commenced its journey in 2014. Currently Department offers four years undergraduate BBA program, one year MBA program under the current syllabus. There are 9 teachers in the Department, of which 8 are Assistant Professors and 1 lecturers. Maximum of the teachers are trained and most of them have a good number of research publications. Things are changing very fast and a degree in Management will help you acquire required skills to meet the challenges in the years to come. We are offering a variety of degrees- BBA, MBA. A degree in Management would help you to be a committed and skilled manager to serve the nation. As a nation we are not poor in resources rather we are poor in managing resources. You will be tomorrow's effective managers, who will make the best use of limited resources to accelerate the expected economic growth of the country.You are here to prepare yourself to build a great career in management and leadership. Keep in mind that the people of the country are making a big contribution to your higher education. So do not forget them and try to do something for their betterment. Do not limit your challenges but challenge your limits.